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online dating service from ChinaLoveBridge, absolutely free
New Service: By using ourFree Mobile Application, you can find your online lover in just several clicks through Android, iPhone, iPad or Playbook.
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ChinaLoveBridge has become fully socialized with Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter!
How does this work for me?
  1. If you are new to our website and have no account yet.
    You can either register directly by clicking 'Join Now Free' button above or you can click any of the four icons that you prefer, after that, please authorize our website to access your selected social website account and then you will be redirected back to our registration page. Many fields, including your head image, will be loaded into relevant fields automatically. You can modify them as you want. Please make sure to fill your email and password so as to be able to access our online dating service.
  2. If you are already our member and owned an account with us
    In this case, please login first with your username/email and password, after that, return to the homepage, clicking any of the four icons, please authorize our website to access your selected social website account and then you will be redirected back to your homepage in our online dating website. After this process, your account has already been associated with your preferred social network. You can associate your account will all the four social networks if you wish.
Benefits for using social network connect?
After associating your online dating account with any social network, you can login through those social network directly, and also, the registration process becomes easier and faster for you.
Why do I have to provide email and password?
By using our online dating service, your email is essential and mandatory because we need to frequently send you all types of notifications, such as new member alerts, other members' interest and message etc. Here we highly recommand that you provide different email and password from those used by any of your social networks. We won't disclose your email address to any other parties.
What information are you going to save from my social network?
We will ONLY save your userId provided by those social networks. This will faciliate your login next time. We strictly follow the privacy agreement required by any social networks and highly respect our members' privacy.

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ChinaLoveBridge is a serious and professional online love matching service provider. We aim at providing you with most complete, easy and highly efficient free online dating service to match love for you quickly, even though they are living remotely. Keeping your online privacy and safety is our highest priority.

By using our online dating service, you can enjoy most of following convenient features absolutely free of charge:

  • Mobile Application: Statistic shows over 80% singles use their mobile device to find online lover! So do you! Our mobile application will always helps you to find your online lover easily no matter if you are using iPhone, iPad, Android or even BlackBerry Playbook! Come to join our mobile comunity now, it is absolutely free.
  • Virtual Gift and Virtual Money: Everyone loves gift! From now on, you can send our well prepared virtual gifts to you desired members using our virtual money, Love Dollars. Any gold and platinum member can get free love dollars in their account! Read more from here.
  • Socialized Dating Service: You can now associate your account with four major social networks, such as Facebook, LinkdIn, MySpace and Twitter. This will make it easier for you to use our free online dating service.
  • Facebook Users: As facebook user, you can use our online dating application through facebook. In the meantime, you can also connect your account with Facebook so that part of your Facebook account information such as your name, country, age, self-introduction, profile photo etc. can be loaded into your online dating account. This will facilitate your usage greatly.
  • Communicate easily and safely through our email system or online chatroom without disclosing your email address;
  • Online Camera: Our Free Head Image Management Tool will enable you not only to upload photo from your local computer, but also to take photo through your webcam attached to your computer instantly. Meantime, you can use this tool to change effect of your head image, such as its color, satuation, brightness etc. You can also crop the unwanted part from the photo.
  • Our Automatic Online Translator can help you to translate your message into more than 100 languages, therefore you can communicate with your online lover in their local languages;
  • Our free watermark protection can help you to protect property right of your photos more easily;
  • Video Service: Our Video Profile and Video Chat Room services will enable you to create your online video profile using your webcam directly, and also you can even video chat with your lover directly online;
  • By using embedded viewer provided by our strategic partner, MediaTube4, you can show your profile with unlimited photos and videos, and all your medias will be extremely difficult to download, therefore, your privacy will he perfectly protected;
  • Our zip/post searching and map view service will enable you to see all the members in a particular area on the map;
  • Our private service will hide your profile from being searched, but you can contact any members as you wish;
  • The email alert service will send the newly registered members to your email address automatically and you won't miss any potential ideal lovers;
  • In order to contact another member, you must send love request first and wait for the other party to accept your request if you are free member, or send email or chat on line directly if you are gold or platinum member.
And many other free handy and practical dating services that can help you find your online romance in an early date.